Our Special Health Related Services


We have three treatment centres with I.P & O.P facilities where you can experience the real traditional Ayurvedic treatments in the same way which was given 100 years before in Kerala India. This unit is managed by academically qualified well experienced doctors and treatments are given by traditionally experienced well adapt masters

Nature cure

We have a spacious nature cure centre in 85005 sq. Feet here we teach a patient the science of self-healing one who take or experience a course of nature cure treatment can become his own doctor. He can manage any of his health problem by himself. Here also we have I.P and O.P facilities


Our homoeopath is qualified in both homoeopathy and in nature cure this combination can be practiced anywhere in the world, with restricted food homoeopathy gives wonderful results

Yoga and Yoga Therapy

There is regular yoga classes which also focus on yoga therapy

Wheat Grass juice therapy

We teach the way by which one can treat himself by wheat grass juice ( the Panacea of the earth) As a therapeutic agent wheat grass juice gives miraculous results for almost all diseases


Ayurveda based traditional Marma treatments for spine injuries, spinal disorders & all other joint related deformities and complaints. The Marma treatment takes only a short time and if necessary it can be followed by Ayurveda treatments

Exercise Therapy

We teach 127 traditional exercises which are easy to learn and practice. These are very result oriented, useful to correct the disorders of the body, to strengthen the muscles, joints and to keep the fitness of spine as well as the internal organs

We conduct crash courses in

  • Basis of Ayurveda
  • Panchakarma
  • Traditional Ayurvedic massage (on floor)
  • Kalari& Marma massage (on floor)
  • Advanced therapeutic massage (on table and floor)
  • Spine care program (with the support of 28 exercises)
  • Indo Thai Massage